The Better You: Epic Weight loss

The Better You: Epic Weight loss

Striving hard to stay fit and fab? Striving hard to learn everything about weight loss? Watching everything you eat?Cutting everything you take? Yes, getting back in shape is hard as what you imagine, as difficult as what you see on TV and adds. It takes a lot of efforts, time and patience to achieve the body you always wanted. But if you have the courage and determination to succeed with the decision to start getting fit, in time you’ll see, everything will be worth it. Those cramps, those body pains and time you engaged will be the token for your fab life.

weight loss epic
                             weight loss epic


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Why we need to be fit?

Being Fit does not only for having a sexy body, it is also a self-fulfillment as you can to train yourself with the high demand of discipline. You surely feel good when you are healthy and fit. It can make your individuality glow and will also help you to think clearly. There are a lot of things being healthy can bring into you. But you just need to remember that there are also things that you will need to sacrifice when you decide to this program, which is why it is important that when you do the process for weight loss, you are doing it for your own well-being and not just to satisfy someone’s dignity.

The Do’s and Don’ts on Weight loss

Remember that in life there is no shortcuts, it goes the same with weight loss, there is no shortcut, you can’t loss a pound in just a second, you will need to work hard for it, and you will need to follow strict diet and routine. We have some of the lists you will need to remember when you do this process.


The Do’s are the parts that you need follow with all your heart and mind. Doing this maybe hard at first but in time, you won’t notice it, you will surely be able enjoy doing it.

 Plan. Doing Weight loss idea needs time to be planned; it is not something you can learn instantly. It is something you will need to think over and over. You will need to make research if needed. You will need to check some success and unsuccessful stories of weight loss. As by doing it, you will be able to learn what you need to avoid and from those stories you can get something to motivate you to keep going.Planning makes you equip and ready to start your own routine.

 Temptation. You will need to resist the temptation this time. If you can’t say No to sweets before, this time, you need to talk at your inner self and learn the “No” therapy. You need to teach yourself the essence on standing what you want and what you need. Remember, your mind is above your heart, what you want should be the least priority to what you need.

 Patience. Your patience is really important to this one, because if after few days of hard work and you don’t see any changes at all, you may think giving up. You may think that it is useless and that you are depriving yourself to all the things that this great life can offer, and that you only live once, so why you would waste it on eating tasteless foods and engaging to work outs, if you can use it to party and live to the fullest? Those ideas will come rushing to you in a few weeks but don’t ever think quitting up, you may not see the result you wanted within those times, but in time, when your body can then adjust with the things you are doing, you will say all efforts will pay off.

 Stay Fit. When everything goes right this time and you got the body you ever wish, do not stop doing the routine. Remember that you worked so hard on getting in shape, now; staying in shape is way harder than that. Make up your mind and keep doing what you have started.


Weight Loss Tips


Bad side is the counter half the good side, this somehow exists in Weight loss program too. There are cheats, which you should not do, just the like the things below which you need to remember.

 Overdoing. If you think that overdoing all the routine and exercise will make the process faster and will give the body you ever dreamed of, way earlier, you will need to think about that again, your body is not something that can be easily dissolve, it is something that needs to be worked on, it needs time to cooperate and give good results.

 Cheating. Doing the steps you should not do during the process while no one is watching you, will never ever do you good. It will only trigger your depression and messed you up and the decision on getting healthy and fit.

 Think Others. Doing the Weight loss program just to prove others that you can do it? You got the wrong motivation in there, as it is not enough foundation to give you enough courage. If you do this, it needs to be for you and for your own welfare. Nothing is wrong on how you live, no one can ever judge you with that, but if opportunity to live as healthy as you
can is knocking at your door, grab it, before it passes you. Living healthy can also open the windows of opportunity for you. So think, do and just keep going.

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